The Temperance – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to Temperance Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: Alchemy, restore balance, moderation, restraint, ingenuity, explore your balance, seek divine messages, focus on spiritual healing and transformation.
  • Divinity: Iris, Hebe.
  • Astrology: Sagittarius.
  • Reversed keywords: Unbalanced behaviors and actions, addiction.

II. Meaning of Temperance Witches Tarot

The Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, faces forward and stands by the water with her golden wings spread. Her long thin white dress has a golden triangle on the front, symbolizing balance and creativity. The dress drapes softly around her, one foot of Iris rests on the ground while the other dips in the water. Neither on land nor in the water, she is in an enchanting place in both worlds — an intermediate place.

Meaning of Temperance Witches Tarot

In Iris’s hand are two different cups, and she calmly pours water from one to the other. The water flows back and forth magically before falling to the bottom of the cup. There is an alchemical transformation going on here; She is tempering the liquid in the cup to find the right balance or compound. Behind Iris, clouds drift across the sky and rainbows appear, representing hope, magic, and miracles. Around her, on the fresh blue water grows colorful irises. The seductive irises represent “an eloquent message,” befitting the messenger goddess they are named after.

III. Message of Temperance Witches Tarot

The Temperance Witches Tarot appears in a Tarot spread at a time of need for restraint, a little more courtesy than usual, and a need for a little moderation. This Major Arcana represents the blending of different mystical elements to create something new, just as rain and sun make a rainbow. The Temperance also represents the personal alchemy of spiritual transformation. Now is the time to focus on healing your spiritual self. This is the perfect opportunity to find the right balance or “flow” in your magic and life. Observe the messages from the gods.

There are people who are really calm. They may not talk much, but they do their own thing calmly. Their presence is comforting because they are very restrained. This is the energy source of Temperance Witches Tarot.

Moderation is the expression of self-regulate and self-control. In a world filled with alluring passions, it is essential to find our balance. Maybe judging is also a bit boring. Temperance’s energy may not seem to cause excitement on the outside, but the peacefulness of the Storm Eye. Everything around is stirring up, but in the center, it is still a point that keeps everything in balance.

In Tarot spreads, the Temperance Witches Tarot can represent a need for harmony, especially when extreme cards are present (like the Knights). This card can also show a need for balance. In conflict situations, Temperance says compromise and cooperation are essential. Look for opportunities to bring opposing sides together. In fact, moderation can mean adjustment by adding a new element. By combining and reuniting, we will create an ideal harmony or solution. Temperance is a card of good health in all aspects – physical, mental, and emotional. When illness or disease is troubling, Temperance offers promises of vitality and a sense of satisfaction.

IV. Temperance Witches in a Tarot spread

Often depicted with the image of a woman holding two cups and water flowing from one to the other, Temperance Witches Tarot is a beautiful card with very positive connotations. This card represents balance, control over your life, and absolute justice. Since this card depicts two golden cups, it is also directly related to the Cups suit and has a similar personality trait. This is a good sign that there is, or will soon be, a gentle harmony between you and those around you.

Temperance Witches Tarot is a card about balance, in many forms, and about all types of relationships – friendship, family, love, and colleagues, all your concern needs. This is also a card about special powers (alchemy) or mix and match. You may have to try several different approaches to things before you find what works for you.

Overall though all of your relationships are going perfectly fine, you may need to look at your deeper personal issues and see if they are standing in your way. And if so, how to fix them and combine them. The idea now is to find balance in yourself, in your relationships, with your goals and passions.

When accompanied by the Emperor, Temperance Witches Tarot is a good sign that you may be about to advance in your career. Since the Emperor is associated with the image of power and success, Temperance’s harmony and creativity can now be channeled directly into work, thereby bringing about favorable results. Temperance when combined with the Tower signals that you have all the necessary factors to face the chaos of life. No matter how wobbly the situation looks, Temperance is a reminder that you can still handle it.

In terms of work, set big goals but don’t expect too much from yourself or others that you or they cannot meet. Work with patience and endurance, and you will get what you deserve in the long run. Your achievements will not be missed.

In terms of love, before you can truly have peace and experience in your relationships, you need peace within yourself. Review what you feel guilty about, what mistakes you feel you have made in the past. Then forgive yourself, and let them melt away. To ensure balance in your relationship and make sure it continues to thrive, the two of you need to figure out what is missing in your relationship and work together to find a solution to it. If you are on a journey to find your other half, Temperance Witches Tarot now is a sign that you have been unfair in evaluating the potential partner. Whether setting the standard too high or too low, you will lead yourself to failure. Be realistic about it and be open to your feelings. Your love will come soon, but you have to get yourself ready for it.

In terms of finances, there seems to be a good balance between what is going and what is coming. However, if you need to increase or regroup your earnings, you will have to ask for what you deserve. Be courageous and proud, and you will not encounter failure. This is the time to show off your abilities by taking the lead on a new project or presenting your plan at the next meeting. Your hard work will not be forgotten, and by keeping a positive attitude at work, a promotion or raise will come soon.

In terms of health, balance and moderation are key. Are you eating well, getting enough sleep, playing, working, and exercising in moderation? See if you are out of balance to find a way to correct it. Moderation is the perfect plan for your health right now.

In terms of spirituality, this is an important time to reflect and listen to your inner guiding voice. And if you need help, just ask. Ask from your high self and from others as well.

Like the upright meaning, the reversed Temperance Witches Tarot speaks of balance and types of relationships – all your specific needs and concerns when you see this card. In the reversed position, we are encouraged to experiment more with different areas of our lives. You can try several different options for things before you find what works best for you. You may have received (and may have declined) some constructive criticism that has really worked for you. Take a look at your deeper problems and see if they are holding you back – and if so, consider how to fix and incorporate them.

The idea now is to do things to find balance – in yourself, in your relationships, and with your goals and passions. Instead of looking for answers or expectations from others, find them within yourself in each situation and think about how you could personally make things better. It is also smart to seek advice from people you trust, especially people who are not in that situation and can see things objectively.

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