The Shadow Side – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Keywords and corresponding associations to the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

  • Upright keyword: Allowing others to overwhelm you and your reactions, protect yourself against malicious magic, overcome fear to achieve success.
  • Divinity: God Pan, Horn, Volos.
  • Astrology: Capricorn.
  • Reversed keyword: Oppression, illusion, deception, lies.

II. Meaning of the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

The Shadow Side Witches Tarot replaces the traditional Devil card; The Witches do not distinguish the concept of the Devil character. The Shadow Side shows what happens when you let fear and panic take over. The card depicts a couple cowering away from a dark and scary figure. They are helpless in the wicked forest. It is clear that fear is taking over them. The boy and girl’s clothes are dark and gloomy, showing their unhappiness in a dark place in life. The poses and expressions of the two depict fear and indicate that they have unwittingly given their power to someone or something else. Running and hiding from a dark creature still does not help them, nor do they find any solace. Instead, they must turn around and face their fears and stop situations and people from intimidating, threatening, or upsetting them.

Meaning of the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

We all have to go through these dark times over and over again. The question is, do you take the opportunity and conquer your fear? Will you face challenging people in your life and deal with the situation directly, or will you whine and wonder about it? Face your enemies and fight them with honor and integrity, and you will defeat those who have challenged you.

III. Message of the Shadow Side Witches Tarot

The Shadow Side Witches Tarot symbolizes that you are allowing someone or a certain situation to dominate you. An old friend in the group who left in tragedy, a terrible mother-in-law, or a boss you cannot please – this is someone who can show up and ruin your day because you allow them to. Let’s break the chains and step out of the darkness! Stop giving away your strength and stand firm. It is important to remember that you can unleash your reaction whenever you want. It is time to embrace the dark side of your personality and really face your fears. Face whatever is holding you back. Stop shrinking yourself. Take action to find balance and courage.

Lucifer, Mephistopheles, Satan, the Dark Prince, Devil, etc, whatever word we call him, the Shadow Side Witches Tarot will always be a symbol of evil and undesirable. From a human perspective, we will see the world as a struggle between light and darkness. We want to defeat the bad so that the good prevails. In fact, good and bad are inseparable. Just like you cannot cut a shadow out of its object. Darkness is simply the lack of light, and it is created by the mistakes of hiding the truth. This 15th card shows us those mistakes.

The first is ignorance – not knowing the truth and not realizing that we don’t know. The second is materialism – the belief that there is nothing but matter. As spiritual entities – we look to the Divine – but we would lose connection with this source of truth if we trust only our senses. Hopelessness is also present, robbing us of joy and blocking our way to the light.

Traditionally, the Shadow Side Witches Tarot is called the Devil, symbolizing evil, but it does not carry this terrible meaning in a Tarot spread. It tells you that you may be in a state of poor health and stagnation. You may be in the dark about something – a lack of understanding of the truth and its implications. You may be obsessed with a person, idea, material, or image that you know will affect you negatively (or maybe you don’t).

Sometimes, this card reflects the opposite of negativity, making you worry about yourself and your future. We often hold on to our mistakes in life. The 15th Witches Tarot tells us when those mistakes become serious enough and require our attention. When you see it in a spread, consider your assumptions carefully. Make sure you are not working from faulty images of yourself and your situation. Move quickly towards the highest vision of who you really are.

IV. The Shadow Side Witches in a Tarot spread

The Shadow Side Witches Tarot is not a “terrible” card to interpret as depicted on most Tarot cards. This is a card about constraint. But often, this constraint is metaphorical and introspective. With this card, you are called to look deep inside the appearance and need to dig deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation. You are also asked to remember: When you feel in control, you almost always hold the key to your own freedom.

It is important to remember that no matter what, you always have a choice. First of all, don’t let others tell you that your options are limited. If you stumble upon that conclusion, make sure it comes from you. It is also very important to remember that you can free yourself from whatever limitations are holding you back. And you should choose to do so at any given time. Right now, you may have the feeling that you have no control over your life. Sometimes this happens as a result of your own actions. But often the result of stagnation. So take action, step into whatever you can to give yourself a sense of control. Even if it is merely making your own choices about where you plan to have dinner. Small steps are also important.

As the 15th card of the Major Arcana, the Shadow Side Witches Tarot is one of many cards that people often fear. This card depicts an image of a mysterious dark figure terrorizing a couple. Although this card has supernatural images, it talks about very “human” situations and ideas. This is a card that represents toxic relationships in your life, and this is a warning. The Shadow Side also represents greed and temptation. The boy and girl on the card are a symbol of what goes around comes around – it is they who have pushed them to this situation. Even if this is a negative card, it also provides perspectives to bring about positive change.

The Major Arcana cards provide better insights into the aspect the Shadow Side Witches Tarot directs. For example, the Lovers means that the problem is in your relationship. The Empress when appearing with the Shadow Side points to a person you admire but have connections to the scoundrel, and eventually, you will stop admiring that person. When the Fool appears with the Shadow Side, this is a good sign – whatever bad situation the Shadow Side dictates, you are virtually immune to its effects. Heed these warnings, but realize that you are not in any direct danger.

In terms of work, you may feel tied to a job you don’t like but cannot see any obvious way to leave because of the security it brings. Let’s see if the trade-off is worth it. The nature of the problem such as working days, age, workload, allowances, etc, is it really guaranteed or not? If you choose to stay, realize that this is a choice you are making, and nothing or anyone else is forcing you. If you feel the trade-off isn’t worth it, quell these feelings and think about what you can do to change the situation. You will not be bound unless you allow yourself to be.

In terms of love, if you are in a long-term relationship, one or both of you may be in a situation where it feels like you are tied down. If that is the case, talk frankly with your partner if you want to keep the relationship progressing. We always have a choice. Take the initiative to let miracles happen. If you are searching for your love, this could be a signal that you are searching in vain and showing an attitude that clearly pushes potential ones away. If that is the case, consider taking a short break out of the relationship – to find and understand yourself better. Return to your search when you no longer feel the urgency.

In terms of finances, things can or will be very stressful in the future. Try not to get upset with your situation, and instead deal with it calmly and clearly. Let’s go step by step. If you need financial help, don’t hesitate to ask people around. If you feel you are having a lot of money at the moment, this is still a time to remind you to save in case of difficult days.

In terms of health, this is the time when you need to prevent being overworked and stressed. Exercising regularly as well as doing things that help you focus on the problems other people are facing instead of your own will bring many benefits to you. If you have a chronic health problem, don’t let it hold you back. You have more in life than just illness. And you’ll be better off treating your health challenges as an engine to grow physically and mentally.

In terms of spirituality, it is extremely important to keep a positive mindset at this time. Decisive affirmations are important and will benefit you. Look at the people around you: Are they the optimists among people or are they the overly critical people who find fault with others that make you upset? Sow thoughts, reap actions!

In the reversed position, the Shadow Side Witches Tarot is not a scary card to interpret. It reminds us that any circumstances or situations that make us feel like traps are actually an illusion. We always have a choice, help is always available. When in reverse, it becomes a cue to take a closer look at a situation, without necessarily matching its appearance. Things may not be as bad as they appear on the outside.

In particular, the reversed Shadow Side Witches Tarot suggests that we are reminded to clarify the fact that life can turn quickly, sometimes in a very positive direction. You may feel yourself losing control at this point. The first step is to always breathe deeply and calmly, and then you need to take action. Do whatever makes you feel in control, no matter how fragile it may seem. Even if it is merely deciding where you are going to have dinner.

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