Six Of Wands – Witches Tarot Deck

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I. Six of Wands Witches tarot card reversed, upright card keywords

  • Upright keywords: Victory, achievement, the recognition of a job well done, reward, success, achievement after hard work.
  • Reversed keywords: The project is delayed, your success is restricted, being unrecognized after your hard work, impaired condition.

II. Meaning of the Six of Wands Witches Tarot

A proud warrior returns with joy after the battle. Five other wands can be seen upraised behind the knight as if the crowd is holding them as he passes them. In the background, the sky is blue and the sun shines down on the knight and steed. The warrior is exhausted but looks very satisfied when he returns home. He wears golden armor proving his status. His crimson tunic with a golden knot in the shape of a dragon is a creature of the fire element. The dragons on the warrior’s tunic intertwine together to represent the endless cycle of nature and life. His soft red cloak also has a knotted hem and stretches out behind the brown horse. The horse’s parade cape is also bright red with a matching knitted dragon pattern. These vibrant colors on the warrior’s armor, tunics, and capes represent pride and accomplishment. The soldier holds in his right hand a long hawthorn wand. The red ribbon on the wand is tied with a green laurel wreath, depicting his triumph.

Meaning of the Six of Wands Witches Tarot

Traditionally, the laurel wreath symbolizes God’s favor. In the language of flowers, the laurel leaf is an affirmation of the achievement. Dragons, naturally, are related to the element of fire. In our fire-related Wands suit, the dragon represented in this card is iconic. Dragons are quite common in national emblem motifs as they represent courage, leadership, and overcoming obstacles.

III. Message of the Six of Wands Witches Tarot

This victory card symbolizes achievement, recognition, praise, success, achievement, and well-deserved reward after hard work. You can overcome any obstacle if you focus on it. The Six of Wands Witches Tarot can also remind us to hang in there. There are many difficult times, but you will overcome and win if you keep trying.

The Six of Wands is a reflection of the Minor Arcana of the Chariot. Both of these cards represent moments of victory. Sometimes in life, all we want is to win, to be on top, to be number one. You can see this dream reflected in the faces of athletes, politicians, and other winners as they step onto the podium. It is the most valuable feeling of all.

In a Tarot spread, the Six of Wands Witches Tarot appears when you are working hard to achieve your goal and success. The recognition from everyone that you have been looking for so long is now yours. You can now earn the acclaim, respect, and reward you deserve. If you don’t feel like you are very close to winning right now, rest assured that all conditions for that to happen are still working in your favor. The victory of this card is not necessarily related to defeating others. You can overcome yourself, your circumstances, or your conflicts.

The Six of Wands Witches Tarot also shows a healthy confident personality. Feeling good about your accomplishments is an important part of success, but being too proud can lead to arrogance and complacency. When you see this card, take a look at yourself to make sure you don’t feel like you are above all else. It is easy to forget the fact that personal achievement is not always completed by an individual. Our talents begin with our Creator. They grow with the love and support of others and eventually manifest through us. And then how do we allow ourselves to be so arrogant?

Narcissism is the first and greatest sin that we must overcome by connecting our souls to heaven. When the Six of Wands Witches Tarot appears, enjoy the victory, feel good about yourself, but remember not to be arrogant. Laurel wreaths will not stay green forever for those who like to flaunt.

IV. The Six of Wands Witches in a Tarot spread

In the traditional Tarot deck, the Six of Wands Witches Tarot depicts a knight riding a white horse through a crowd. In his hand, he holds a wand and raises it high above his head while the crowd does the same with five other wands. This is a card that symbolizes victory and celebration. No matter what you have been through, there will be a very rewarding outcome for you. The knight is not the only one to celebrate, even the crowd around him cheers. That image is interpreted as the people you love really care about you from the bottom of their hearts and are extremely happy with your success.

The Six of Wands Witches Tarot is a very positive sign. It may imply that even though you are facing challenges, you will overcome them and achieve results and victory in the end. This card also implies steps forward both literally and figuratively. Everything is changing for the better. In general, the Six of Wands is a card of happiness and praise. You will soon notice some fruitful results from your efforts. Give yourself a break or treat yourself well in some way. You certainly deserve it.

When The Sun or The World appear with the Six of Wands in a spread, surely the celebration will come. This combination means that you are sure to reach your goals. The effects of this positive change will last a very long time. The Six of Wands and the Pentacles suit is an interesting pair as it indicates you will find luck when you have financial concerns. Now is the time to take advantage of your good fortune.

In terms of work, if you are looking for a new job position, this card is a very good sign. You will find something better than you were hoping for. If you are currently working in a desirable position, things are going to be even better than you ever expected. Your efforts are being appreciated. Keep up the good work you are doing.

In terms of love, in a committed relationship, the Six of Wands Witches Tarot implies that things are going well. Suddenly you may find yourself feeling closer and happier with your partner than before. If you are not attractive or confident enough, the appearance of this card can mean that you are about to enter a relationship with someone you are looking forward to. This is a very exciting indication.

In terms of finances, things will get a lot better. No matter what is happening around you, things will always be in your favor. However, be cautious in how you act in relation to any financial gain. Especially these days, it is important that you prepare yourself with provisions in case of difficult times. However, you can expect your financial situation to continue to rise.

In terms of health, if you are worried about your body condition, then relax. Things are not going to be bad for you. Just try to maintain latent mental strength which will help maintain your health condition. Be confident.

In terms of spirituality, the Six of Wands Witches Tarot can mean enjoying from the depths of your soul and love of life. You are on the right track. Experience the joy that is spreading deep within you and share it with others. The world needs gifts that only you can deliver.

The reversed Six of Wands Witches Tarot may imply that despite the delays and challenges, everything that you are hoping for is ultimately achievable. This is not the time to let fear and anxiety hold you back. In general, the Six of Wands in reverse is still a card of victory. However, you may need to be cautious about who you are trusting. There may be someone who looks like they are trying to support you on the outside but is actually jealous or has negative thoughts about you in some way. Believe in your senses and don’t hesitate to defend yourself when necessary.

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